Made to order
to meet your personality

Made to order to meet your personality

Trully Experience Coffee

Trully Experience Coffee

Made to order

to meet your personality

Trully Experience Coffee


How does Second floor want people to truly experience coffee? How does one interact with coffee selection, should it just be black coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or latte?

Surrounded by consumers from various demands, our vision is to create an authentic specialty coffee experience to a higher level.

Our signature coffee is designated to be a tool to relay our message to consumers to discover an authentic experience, create diversity, and appreciate coffee experience to its core.

Specialty Coffee indeed has its unique & delicious flavors, developed through roasting and brewing. It is our intention to provide delicious coffee to those who are passionate and to introduce specialty coffee to those who are still unfamiliar.

Second floor is delighted to create your cuppa coffee to meet your preference.

Adi Suhendra



Black Guava

Hint of guava flavor with aroma of choco, leaves a sparkling after taste. Pour the coffee to a glass, stir the glass while allowing the ice to melt, sip it nice & slowly.


2021 the 3rd year of Second Floor Coffee & with great joy we finally released our signature coffee 2.0 by introducing the COLD BREW menu. 

Carefully selecting coffee beans from all over Indonesia, such as Puntang, Solok, Sigararuntang Mandhailing, Papua, Ijen and of course Kintamani Bali and to reinvent the exotic taste of these coffees through this Cold Brew technique. 

Finding the best match for each of these coffee with fruit and fructose flowers such as pineapple, cranberry / berries, strawberry, orange, ginger or rose tea flowers. A thorough & detailed process takes longer than usual cold brew resulting variants of new flavors, complex in taste, yet creates an inviting sense of addiction for coffee lovers. 

Second Floor Coffee Cold Brew, simply elevates the taste of coffee to a different level, by enhancing its flavor.



High up in the mountain of West Sumatera, the land of Minang where they begun to grow coffee in the area which was once a traditional tea cultivating area. Adapting the Honey process coffee, Solok beans accumulating the flavors of honey, caramel & mango. A thoughtful mixture of Rose Flower Tea on a detailed cold brew process, brings out the complex taste of rose tea, rich in antioxidants, sweet-scented after taste yet strong.



This coffee is very unique unlike any other Mandheling. The procesor Mr. Mahfus Budiawan plant this coffee in a micro garden. Located in Mandheling 1300 masl.
He process this coffee with full wash process and make 11% moisture to produce chocolate and spice flavor in your cup.

Roast profile : Filter roast
Variety : Sigararutang
Farm : Pagur, Mandheling Natal
Origin . North Sumatra



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